Plug Spawn & Cultivation Tools

Windermere Farms is excited to announce we have teamed up with Joe Foye of EBFungi to provide you the highest quality plug spawn available.  All spawn is made in Annapolis, Maryland by Joe and Andy.  We are here to ensure you the greatest success in growing mushrooms from plugs and make sure your time and money are respected. 

All Plug Spawn will ship October - March, when trees start to go dormant, through winter and before trees start to bud.  It is not ideal to harvest trees between March and Oct for plug inoculation.  It is most desirable to plug logs as fresh cut as possible and when the tree has sugars built up. Plugs can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 6 mo but the myceliums vigor reduces with age. 

We will only be shipping plugs October- March to make sure our customers have the most success with this adventure.  Feel free to order early to guarantee plugs will be available. 


We do offer an angle grinder adapter which is designed to fit most 4 1/2″ angle grinders, they dramatically reducing the time it take to inoculate your logs. Turn any angle grinder into a 10,000 RPM + drill!  


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